Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pergau River Kayak Expedition - UMK Jeli Campus.

Pergau River Kayak Expedition.

 Here's a little throwback. Not little anymore. Haha.

At least I have stories of my life to share with my kids in future. If you never try, you will never know. Explore the nature, before it's too late.
Too many things to share, I don't know where to start. 3days 2nights, no time to pamper yourself with beauty or comfort. To be honest, kayaking at the river is super duper challenging! You will never expect what's coming in front of you. Well, calm river won't make you a skillful "kayaker". Rainy season just make it a little harsh. Not easy for 75km distance. Just imagine paddling the kayak from morning til evening for 3 days. Weww! Biceps just growing bigger! Haha.

 But it's okay, Pak Arham said; "Hidup ini penuh risiko, kita kena berani menempuh risiko. Kalau kita tak berani, sampai bila pun kita tak akan mampu maju ke hadapan." I love this experience.
Again, I prove to myself and others that I'm not as fragile as I look. I may look weak to you, but I have the real me inside. Congrats everyone. We did it with success! Congrats Exploration Club UMK for such a great event!

 Our Kayak team members. After reaching the final check point. 

Outdoors aren't just for men. Iron lady can too! hehe. 

I'm only 22.
Give me space and let me breathe. Let me enjoy exploring and learning. Just give me time to do what I want to do. I just wanna be independent and brave enough to survive all by myself.

Sorry I'm not ready. Don't ask me about marriage. The time will come, but maybe not now. I've change my mind. Girls just wanna have fun. But I wanna have great adventures! Ask me back next 5 years ok!

 Being the only lady from my course, Natural Resources Science

Always a traveler. Always an explorer.
Outdoor activities keep me closer to nature. I really enjoy adventures and all those extreme challenges. And then I realize, ADVENTURES are the best way to learn. Life is a journey. Go and explore the world. Unless, you're going nowhere.

 Harsh time for the kayakers. Extreme water stops us.

The trails was awesome. The 3 days expedition was great! I'll be joining it again in future, no doubt.
Because I wanna be awesome bold iron ladyyyyy~ haha. 

Bukit Keluang, Besut, Terengganu.

Okay here's a little updates for my blog.

I really enjoy exploring and grabbing great adventures while I'm still young and free! 
Thanks to my brother and cousins for this awesome ad hoc activity. Hahaha. 

The view was awesome. Fascinated  with it. Subhanallah!

If you're coming to Besut, Terengganu, you must hike this Bukit Keluang. Not far from Perhentian Jetty at Kuala Besut. Just about 5-10mins by car. or maybe less.

Well, I just moved from Kuantan to Besut. I love my new hometown anyway.This is cool.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Anak Bongsu

Anak bongsu.
Ahh! Typical people akan ckp, manja manja manja.
Itulah yg kebiasaannya disebut. Mereka fikir, semua ank bongsu manja?
Anak bongsu manja sbb dimanja. Yg paling kecil. 
Sue? Ahh! Tak ada masa utk dimanja2.
Kamu fikir, semua ank bongsu manja? Kamu fikir semua ank bongsu tak payah buat kerja rumah? Tak payah memasak, tak payah kemas rumah?
Itulah, selalu fikir.. "Kalau perempuan anak sulung, mesti pandai buat kerja, pandai memasak sbb dia paling tua." Kamu yakin dan pasti? 

Lain yg berlaku pd sue. Ya saya bongsu. Bongsu dari 6 adik beradik. Tp ia tak bermakna sue seorang yg manja dan tidak perlu buat kerja sbb ada kakak2. Haha. 
Ibu ada maid utk buat kerja. Semua kakak sue membesar sepenuhnya dgn bantuan bibik. Tp bila smpai sue, pd usia 15tahun, ibu dh stop ambil maid. Ibu dh pencen waktu tu and ibu boleh buat kerja2 memasak. Tp dgn bantuan anak2. At least kakak2 abg2 sue sempat habis sekolah dgn bibik. Tp sue kena buat sendiri dah tanpa bantuan bibik. Kkak2 semua dh kahwin & pergi universiti. Tak ada yg boleh tolong ibu, melainkan sue yg masih dirumah. Maka sue dilatih sejak itu utk buat kerja2 rumah sendiri. Bantu ibu sbb ibu dh tak larat. 

Orang fikir anak bongsu tak payah memasak.
Mana mungkin. Ibu dh makin berusia. Adik beradik lain kahwin dulu. Tinggal la yg bongsu dgn ibu di rumah. Ibu tak larat nk masak. Siapa lagi kena masak utk ibu ayah kalau bukan yg bongsu? 
Tak rugi jd yg bongsu. Boleh spend dgn ibu memasak sama2. Walaupun last2 kemas dapur sorang2 sbb ibu nk tidur awal. Hahaha. Untung sbnrnya, sue tak sedih pun xmembesar sepenuhnya dgn bantuan bibik. At least sue dpt belajar buat kerja2 rumah. Tak delah kekok nnt bila dah kahwin. Orang yg xde bibik lg untung, sbb dari kecil dh berdikari sndri. Tp nk buat mcm mana, bersyukur lah kalau ibu ayah mampu ambil bibik utk bantu kt rumah. Kan? Takkan nak marah pulak.

Tp walaupun kakak2 sue membesar dgn bibik, dyeorg semua hebat memasak. Abang sue pun power memasak. Mungkin bakat ayah turun pd anak2. Tak semestinya ada bibik, kteorg tak payah memasak. Ibu still suruh duduk dgn bibik belajar memasak. Ibu selalu ckp.. 

"Ibu taknak ank2 ibu xpandai buat kerja. Nanti dah kawen, malu dkat mak mertua."
hhehehe. Ibu betul2 jaga reputasi anak2 dia.

Sue tak kisah org kata anak bongsu ni manja. Sbb sue tahu tak smua anak bongsu mcm tu :)
Tak semestinya jugak kalau dia anak perempuan sulung, dia pandai buat kerja rumah. Sue pernah je jumpa yg tak mcm tu. So, bongsu atau sulung, bukan penentu dia boleh buat kerja rumah atau tak. Yg penting, cara didikan ibu itu sendiri pd anak, atau atas sifat seseorang tu. Kalau dia rajin atau malas, tak tunggu nak jd bongsu atau sulung pun. Atas diri masing2!

So, jgn mudah judge org begitu begini, sbb anda pun belum tentu sempurna! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Adilah Suhailin. A girl with mixed blood.
Mom's side with Chinese and Indonesian genes, dad's side with Siamese and Gujarati genes.
 Some people find this interesting. For me, I'm glad to be a mix blooded person. I have varieties of genes in me! Learning genetics in my study, genetically it's good to have mixed genes. 
According to evolutionary psychologist Randy Thornhill,

 "If you hybridize two genetically diverse populations—another way of saying you cross races—then you create more genetic diversity in the offspring."

Some said you'll get healthier offspring, or maybe prettier and some said you'll have talented and smarter kids. I wish to marry people with mixed genes too. So my kids will have a very huge varieties of genetics! haha. 
Allah is the best planner. Allah will decide what's good for us. 
Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for who I am now. May Allah bless me always. 
Thanks Allah for giving me these two precious person in my life. Ayah & Ibu. Without them, I am nobody. I really miss them. Semoga Ayah Ibu sentiasa dlm lindungan Allah dan diberi kesihatan yg baik, dan dipanjangkan umur. Amin. 

Just can't wait to see you soon! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Learning French?

Haha well well, I'm expecting to take Japanese Language this semester. Unfortunately I can't because of some errors and problems. And the option I can choose are French, Spanish, Thai, and Mandarin. So I prefer French.

 Wew. It's not easy but I love learning languages. It's cool to know different languages.
I'm hoping the best for my French lessons. Hope to visit Eiffel Tower one day!
Paris! Oh Paris. 

So Sue Kz, let's get started! Try your best. You can do it!
Bonne Chance! Amities!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Motivational Words

Yes. You decide. What would be in your GARDEN?
Garden of Flowers or Garden of Weeds?
Negative or Positive?


Dare to dream. Dare to try. Dare to take risks.
It's OK to dream big. As long as it's a positive dream in life.
It's okay to struggle for your dreams. 

Yeah! Are you ready to change your life?? :)

Anime? Since when?

Haha. It's weird I've been watching and enjoying some Anime?
No, I love Japanese Films. And I love Studio Ghibli.
My first Studio Ghibli Film is Spirited Away. Ohhhh! The brave Chihiro!

It's a fantasy but yet, there's a hidden message in every Hayao Miyazaki's artworks. I've watched it over and over again.

Then I get stuck with Mitsudomoe ! Super funny one!

It makes me laugh like crazy. Super cute and funny. Mitsudomoe means triplet. Kembar tiga tak seiras yg nakal dan comel. Haha. Cute sgt cerita ni. 

I've watched My Neighbor Totoro. 
 Totoro is a Forest Guardian. Sesuai la dgn forest and nature enthusiast ni, Haha. I bought a huge totoro pillow. Sbb obses dgn totoro! Hahaha. Can't get rid of this cute creature. I have my own Totoro's collections. ^_^

And today, I just watched another Studio Ghibli film that makes me cry a river! Cerita dia 1hour 28minutes, and I cried almost from the start sampai ending! Hahaha. Sedih sgt sgt cerita dia, tak akan menyesal tgk. 
 Cerita dia sedih tahap yg rasa mcm dada nak pecah. Sedih sgt. Kisah derita dua beradik masa perang Jepun. Oh man. You boleh try la tengok. Haha. Bagi emosi  jiwa raga!

I started to love anime. Or maybe I love Japanese film. Baguslah. Biasakan dgn Japanese languange / Nihongo. Next sem dh nk kena ambil bahasa Jepun. So practice makes perfect! 
Amboi. Hiragana pun belum habis hafal lg! HAHAHA. Mati la.

All the best Sue Kz for your Japanese study next sem. Dah pandai Nihongo nnt senang nk travel ke Jepun! Haha. Berangan. Takpa. Moga-moga jadi doa!
Gambate kudasai! Jyeahh! ^_^

Esok balik UMK. wuuuuu~ 
Arigatou, sayonara! :p