Saturday, August 4, 2012

Self-Knowledge; Vet :)

This is for my own review :) 

Go vet go! :) <3

Dr. Sue Kz.
Dream big; is the beginning of a success :)

Self-Reflection; Honest

Okay, i bet this post gonna be a bit "jiwang". Haha
Well, having someone special is normal. (︶ε︶*)
but, how you treat them is the question. 
How well you treat your beloved? hmm..  ō_ō`

I admit it, yea..I have someone VERY special in my life. (feel free to puke) haha!
and we planned to keep a good relationship together. We rock each other though. 
 Somehow, we are having long distance relationship since we ended our college last MAY.  ⊙﹏⊙
But we promised to be honest and faithful. No curang2 ok! 

I still remember the moment he gave  me a "couple ring". haha. I was laughing.!
Well, I never thought that he would be that "romantic". and i saw he blushed, smiling towards me. Then he turned into someone different. I bet he was serious that moment. Telling me that he loves me and hoping that I will never leave him. Haha. Ok dude. I won't.
I promise to myself, I will make him happy. Be as honest as I could. Wear that ring all the time.
Everywhere i go, the ring will be on my ring man. 

Well, dulu I'm a bad person. Playing fool with guys? haha. Never even wear my ex's ring. Because for me, nahh.. he will never know if i didn't wear it. Kalau nk jumpa baru pkai. Then bila terjumpa secara tiba-tiba. Kantoi terus. and I don't even care of breaking his heart. until the karma hits me. and that was a long story.  

I don't know. This time, secara sendirinya I feel like trying to be faithful as i can. Haih! 
Nak pergi mana2, mesti kena pakai cincin azimat tu. Kadang2 I don't wear it when I'm at home. Yelah, nak masak, basuh pinggan, gaul kuih, basuh beras all that, susah lah. So, I'll put it in my jewellery box. Then, bila nk keluar, baru pakai. :) 

Even bila terlupa pakai, dh masuk kereta, even dh start engine dh, sanggup turun balik pergi ambil cincin azimat kt bilik. Itulah cintan cintun namanya. (≧o≦) ahah! 
Bukan apa, I feel guilty. and i feel like betraying him. Noooo~
I've promised. Then I will never betray him somehow.

Actually, pernah je dulu2 buat benda senyap2. Somehow, everytime Sue buat jahat, mesti dan pasti dia akan tahu. Selalu aja kantoi. Tak pernah terselamat pun. Black Magic? ˚॓.॔
Orang kata, FIRASAT. Entohle. Atau mungkin dia seorang DUKUN. atau pembela TOYOL. I pun tatahu. Hehe.
 From that, I know. I shouldn't lie

No matter what or how, we shouldn't be honest after dah terkantoi banyak kali.
Try to be honest from the beginning. It may save your relationship. :)
I hate being cheated. So do others. 
If you don't want to be cheated, then don't cheat people.
Then, it's always
Remember that.