Friday, March 22, 2013

Moving Forward - Over a New Place, New Life, New Dreams.

Let's fly and get stronger.

"Amik course Veterinary ke?", "Kenapa tak pergi private university?", "Tak dapat vet?"
Those are some words that hit my eardrums lately. :)
It's been a quiet moment and I've been away from bloggers as I had so much trouble in remembering my password. Poor me.
Thank god, finally I'm back! Writing the journey of my life.
 How's my life changed? With just a single thing, "puff!" I'm on my way to a new path. Different one. Different from what I ever dream, from who I ever wished to be.
I'm not a veterinarian. Not even a veterinary student. 
Because this is my fate. It had written behind me. I am not a VET. 
Sad. Disappointed. Heart breaking at first. But now, I am much on my way to realize that anything happens for a reason.
I am now a wildlife student. Still, studying on animals, wildlife. And with an extra good thing. Nature. 
Yes! I'd rather meet Wildlife and Nature more than having sick pets everyday.
God knows better than me. 
It's okay. I know I really wished to be a vet. I said that because I love animals. 
But somehow, I would like to have another thing on my wishlist. Another dream to be.
Life must go on. Whatever is happening, I must be strong. Bolder than ever. 
I wrote a song sounds like this (chorus);
"I'm flying higher, i'm getting stronger
The sky is brighter, I know it's better
I feel the power!
Never! Don't just surrender
I'm a fighter, not a loser!
Just feel the power!
I feel, i feel the power,
I'm getting even stronger,
Just don't surrender, I could be better!"