Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Focus is a Magic Trick?

Saya selalu dgr & baca kata-kata Prof Muhaya,
"Apa yg kita fokus, itu yg kita dapat."
Kalau kita fokus pada yg negatif, maka kita akan dpt yg negatif. Jadi, jika mahukan yg positif, sentiasalah bercakap, berfikir dan buat semua yg positif.
Saya tak pernah cuba, sehinggalah satu hari, saya cuba gunakan prinsip ini.
Kebetulan atau memang boleh diguna pakai,
apa yg saya fokus itu yg saya dapat.

Kisahnya begini, dalam kelas Ekologi Sumber Asli tempoh hari, saya mewakili ahli kumpulan saya yg diminta untuk mencabut undi bagi memilih tajuk presentation yg akan dibentangkan.
Terpampang 8 tajuk yg ada. Yang paling best & mudah utk dibentangkan ialah tajuk 5, 
"Population Regulation - Climate & Weather Change"
Dalam hati, memang nk yg tu je. Hati mula terdetik nk guna prinsip fokus.
Maka, berlagak gaya tukang tilik nasib, fokus pada nombor 5.
Agak lama fokus, dan wakil2 kumpulan dipanggil utk cabut undi dihadapan. Orang lain berebut2 ambil kertas. Saya dgn yakin capai kertas terakhir yg tinggal. Perlahan-lahan saya buka.
Tak sangka + gembira, memang dapat nombor 5!
Tersengih sengih tunjuk pada kawan2. Hehehe.
Siapa sangka? Macam magic! Hahaha.
Maka, saya cuba utk aplikasikan prinsip fokus ni. 

Fokus. Fokus dgn apa yg kita nk capai.
InsyaAllah berkat doa & usaha, kita mampu capai apa yg kita fokus!

Jom sama2 fokus dgn impian & matlamat kita!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mr. Hafiz's ex-girlfriend. Please Take Note :)

Dear Miss Exgirlfried,
I know you will read this whether by stalking my blog, or I can call it a Fate.

I'm not here to curse or to write anything bad for you.
I just wanna let you know what you should and shouldn't do.
Yes I'm not your mother instead. 
But I guess I must give you some words to let you understand. 

When you have to choose either one, please kindly choose your head before your heart.
Just because you miss him, doesn't mean you need him back in your life.
Missing is just a part of moving on :)

Nobody wants to hear this,
but sometimes the person you want most, is the person you're best without.

You don't have to text him telling that you really miss him or..
You just thinking of him or...
whatever you've text him.

I'm not mad seriously. I'm okay with it.
The thing is, I wonder where did your promises go?
You promised right? 
"Saya takkan cari awk lg. Saya takkan jilat balik ludah saya."
"Saya takkan ganggu hubungan korang!"

Then you end up texting him. Hmm ?

It's okay lady. Just take your time.
Sometimes your heart need more time to accept what your mind already know.
You should learn from your mistakes.

Stop being ego.
Stop keeping the problem unsolved.
Learn to tolerate.
Be yourself. 
Stop thinking that you're always right. Listen to others.
Learn to accept other's mistakes.
Learn to forgive. Not only forgive but also learn to apologize.
And learn to forget the past.

And learn not to turn back to the guy you've dumped before.
You're lucky he is mine.
Kalau lah dia milik perempuan lain?
Mahunya dimaki hamun habis kamu. Hehe.

I don't wanna hate anybody. I just wanna live a happy life.
I want to accept you as Hafiz's past. 
Not to accept you as someone that I hate.
Please dear lady. Please stop all this.

Someday you'll meet your PERFECT man.
Well, for you Hafiz is all imperfect. For you, Hafiz just don't understand you.
But the thing is, you should learn to see the Perfections in an Imperfection.
If you wanna find a perfect one, then you will never get married.

Let be a better lady. For you and for me. :)
For now, you just have to


Friday, September 13, 2013

Future :)

 Hahaha. So cute. 
Too young to talk about own kids. But I love kids.
I would like to have a son first before a daughter. 
So that he will take a good care of his sister.
Isn't it cute? Hehehe.
Kids are adorable. 
Having them closer is a pleasure.
 I wonder how some people can just treat them badly.
Poor that little innocent. 
I hope my kids will love the animals like I do.
But for now, having nephews and nieces is enough! 

Work Out. Fitness. Stay Fit

Woooooooww! It's great to move on from this unhealthy and lazy lifestyles. 
I think it's time to get on the track and get sweat!
It's time for me get up after a long break. To much resting from the injuries.
Well, I'm not yet recovered from my knee problem. But I still want to have a nice & sexy body! Haha!
Having a knee problem isn't matter. There's a lot of work out that I can do. 
I'm working out for my abs. To have some six packs I guess?
I've lost my packs. I've worked for it. But suddenly I have to stop working out because of the injuries.
Everything's gone! 

Nevermind, I'm not too old to start all over again.
I went for Zumba class. Fitness dance at the gym every week.
But the problem is, I'm a degree student where my university has no gym.
Luckily I'm joining Kelab Kebudayaan. Dancerobic. 
Dancing is one of an enjoyable fitness activity. I love dancing!

 Inspired with their bodies.
I don't wanna be skinny. I wanna stay fit!
Awesome body with sixpacks.
I'm not yet into weight lifting workout. Just body shaping fitness for now.
But then, I will go for it. 

What about you?
Let's work out! Have a nice and sexy body.
The thing is, it may hurt at first. But you will see the differences. 
No Pain No Gain!