Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Evening at UMK Jeli Campus Pond

Throwback. Our illegal activities at campus.
Hahaha. The pond wasn't meant for any water sports activity actually. But we did on one beautiful evening. It was during our final examination week. Enjoying our evening to the max! 

With Nurul, one of my roommate.
Our kayaking activity became such an attention to many other students nearby the pond watching us happily paddling the kayak. Some of them asking how to join the Kayak club (even though we're not from any club). Many students  were interested. And we're like... "oh the club is on its way to be approved. Just wait for the next semester and don't forget to register!" Hahaha. It was fun. Not knowing that it was illegal! 

Those innocent rule breakers!
Hahaha. We're always up with crazy plans. 2 rooms with 4 roommates each room. 8 of us. Good friends since Kolej Mara Kulim. Mimi, Tini, Bie & Nini together with my roommates Mahir, Nurul & Zati. Thanks to Anis Asyiella for supplying these kayaks. 

Just after a week, there's a notice from UMK sounds like.. "Dilarang berenang, berkayak, memancing atau melakukan aktiviti air tanpa kebenaran." Hahaha. Okay.

Anyway we enjoyed the riadah. No doubt.